Launched in late 2018 in Italy, Secura Vanitas is a professional cosmetic brand inspired by the Italian art and culture.

The intent of the brand is to create natural and clean cosmetic products with high quality.  The name Secura Vanitas is the exact representation of the brand’s intent. In Latin, Secura means “safe” and Vanitas means “beauty”.

The brands stands as a bridge between makeup and art with the belief that makeup is just another beautiful form of art that allows anyone to transform themselves into an art piece. Beauty is also inextricably combined in Secura Vanitas with the quality and safety of a natural product. 
The aim is to create products that help you reach your ideal beauty in the way you deem most  appropriate, without distinction of gender, age or race and without the imposition of styles and fashions of the moment, whether you aim for ethereal perfection of a divinity or the harmony of bucolic simplicity.


Secura Vanitas is strongly rooted into Italian culture and art which holds the highest value to the brand. Since the brand aims to provide safe beauty it is also: 
● Vegan – products do not contain any animal extracts or animal by-products in the ingredients or in the production process.
● Cruelty free – none of the products or ingredients are tested on animals.
● Harmless to skin – Paraben, Gluten and Silicone free products.
● Natural – Highlighters 100% natural  and lipsticks 75% natural.
Be a part of this new world between art and makeup which is clean and beautiful!!