Information on processing of personal data

Secura Vanitas attaches particular importance to the processing, confidentiality and security of personal data.

The purpose of this document is to inform the user in a clear, simple and complete way about the processing of personal data provided or that we may collect while browsing our website, the possible transfer of such data to third parties and finally about the rights and options the user has to control his personal information and to protect his privacy.

Secura Vanitas, an Italian company whose registered and operating and administrative headquarters are located in Via Giovanni Masera 6, Milan, registered with the Milan Business Register under the number MI - 2532500 Tax Code BRTFNC93S50F205T and VAT number 10449110963, is the data controller of personal data collected on the website www.securavanitas.coma pursuant to the applicable legislation on personal data and specifically the EU Regulation 2016 / 679 concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of these data ( hereinafter "GDPR").

  • I. What is a personal data?

A personal data is any information relating to an identified natural person or that can be identified, directly or indirectly, by referring to an identification number or one or more of its elements, such as: name, surname, date of birth, customer number or order number, photo, etc.

  • II. On what occasions can we collect personal data?

We can collect personal data on several occasions:

  • creation of the customer account on our website
  • at the time of placing the order on our website;
  • agreeing to receive our commercial communications by email, telephone, text message or post, depending on the express choice;
  • surveys or customer satisfaction survey;
  • interacting with our brand through the official page on social networks or if we propose to reuse content that the user has published on a social network;
  • user contacts with our customer service;
  • requests for information addressed to our brand;
  • participation in an event organized by us;
  • Internet browsing through cookies or similar technologies or by clicking on advertising related to our products.
  • III. What personal data can we collect?

(i) Within the framework of our activities we may be induced to collect some data directly from the user by means of dematerialized forms on our website, on our smartphone apps and on some of our counters or in paper format, for different purposes (Ref at point IV for the list of data processing purposes).

The information we can collect is:

  • The identity of the user
  • Data for contacts (eg email address)
  • Your personal preferences regarding the products we sell or with our website (language);
  • Information relating to your orders, to track a shipment and to purchase receipts;
  • The information that may be in the situation of having to communicate to our customer service;
  • Some data on your health in the event that you report an undesirable effect of one of our products;
  • The bank details necessary to execute an order on our website;

It should be noted that the bank details do not pass unencrypted on the Secura Vanitas servers. Payments are made through a secure payment platform, perfected by control measures, in order to guarantee the safety of purchases made on and combat fraud.

The credit card data that the user communicates at the time of the order never pass unencrypted over the network: they are encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.

The personal data indispensable to Secura Vanitas are indicated with an asterisk on each personal data collection form on our site. If these mandatory fields are not filled in, Secura Vanitas will probably not be able to answer the questions asked and / or provide the requested services. The other information is optional and allows us to learn more about our users and improve our communication with them.

(ii) We may also need to collect some data from purchases of products or services, specifically online information regarding the amount and nature of purchases made.

(iii) Finally, we can collect information regarding the use of our website, specifically browsing (pages visited, links clicked, etc.). Some of this information can be collected through the intermediation of cookies used on the computer while browsing our website. For more information on cookies, see the point "Information on cookie management " of this document.

  • IV. For what purpose is personal data collected and used?

Secura Vanitas processes user data for the following reasons:

  • Allow the creation of a customer account on our website;
  • Manage account access on the internet;
  • Collect and manage online orders and deliveries;
  • Guarantee the security of online transactions, prevent fraud, manage any payment problems and the collection management (see General Terms and Conditions of Sale for more details);
  • Manage the relationship with the customer in the context of requests for information or in case of complaints sent through our website, our customer service or our pages on social networks;
  • Track and manage the reports that the customer can indicate to us in the context of our cosmetovigilance obligations;
  • Manage and optimize the customer experience through a better knowledge of our customers;
  • Without prejudice to the user's consent, propose targeted and personalized services especially in the context of the evolution of our products and services;
  • Perform statistical analyzes to develop piloting, measurement and reporting tools in order to adapt and improve our commercial, marketing and product production activities;
  • Without prejudice to the user's consent: send information about our offers, news and events on the communication media that will have been selected;
  • V. What are the legal bases that legitimize the processing of data

Secura Vanitas processes your personal information:

  • For the execution of the contract between the user eSecura Vanitas, to manage access to the account and also for processing and monitoring orders;
  • Within the sphere of its legitimate interest in the management of marketing purposes, in securing its IT supports (websites, applications, etc.) and in the fight against fraud;
  • Upon conferment, by the user, of the explicit consent for the processing of data, specifically the consent for the management of communications with promotional and commercial purposes, of navigation data through cookies, profiling, etc.
  • In the context of compliance with the legal and specifically tax (conservation of purchase receipts) and cosmetovigilance obligations established by the EU Regulation 1223 / 2009 of the 30 November 2009 relating to cosmetic products.
  • YOU. Who are your personal data for?

Your personal data is processed by Secura Vanitas staff. We check that only persons authorized within Secura Vanitas can access such personal data, when necessary, for the management of our business relationship or of their respective legal obligations.

We may also be led to disclose your personal data:

  • To subcontractors such as:
    • Site hosting and maintenance providers and our dematerialized solutions for collecting personal data in desks and counters;
    • Payment service providers;
    • Providers of fraud prevention and prevention services;
    • Logistic suppliers;
    • Marketing solution providers;
    • Suppliers of management of commercial advertising and communication through social networks;
    • Customer Service Providers;
    • Suppliers for the management of reports for cosmetovigilance purposes;

Finally, Secura Vanitas may be required to disclose user data to third parties to fulfill legal, regulatory, or treaty obligations, or to respond to requests from legally authorized authorities.

Secura Vanitas may share some of your personal data, including those collected by means of cookies, as part of the common management of the site, and this in order to allow the user access through a single client account on this site, to guarantee the updating of the account information, or to personalize the communication regarding the Secura Vanitas products that we could send.

Furthermore, in the hypothesis that the user has accepted to receive the commercial communication from Secura Vanitas, we will communicate his personal data to the latter. In this context, Secura Vanitas will act as data processing manager and will apply its own privacy protection policy. For more information on the Privacy Policy of Secura Vanitas, click here

  • VII. Data transfer abroad

Some recipients of personal user data may be located abroad, even outside the European Economic Area.

Any transfer of data outside the European Economic Area is carried out under appropriate guarantees, specifically contractual, technical and organizational, in accordance with the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data.

  • VIII. How long do we keep personal data?

We store and manage your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this Privacy Policy and to the extent that this may be required by law, for example for tax and accounting purposes.

  • IX. What are users' rights and how do they be exercised?

In accordance with current legislation, and specifically to the GDPR, the user has the right to access and rectify personal data, to request their deletion, to oppose the processing for legitimate reasons and to obtain the limitation or portability to the extent in to which this is applicable.

These rights can be exercised directly at Secura Vanitas by email at

It is possible at any time to request not to receive communications regarding our offers, news and events using the link provided for this purpose in every email sent.

It is also possible to file a complaint with the Guarantor for the protection of personal data - Piazza di Monte Citorio n. 121 00186 ROME. Public Relations Office (URP). Office and office hours: Monday - Friday, 10-12,30 hours

Location: Piazza di Monte Citorio n. 121 - 00186 Rome

Telephone: (+ 39) 06.69677.2917 (with automatic search of the available operator)


  • X. Addresses of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and right to file a complaint

For any question related to data processing by Secura Vanitas, you can contact our Data Protection Officer by email at the following email address:

Information on cookie management

This section is dedicated to our cookie management policy on the website.

The objective is to inform the user about the origin and use of the navigation information processed during the consultation of our website and to inform him about his rights.

What is a cookie?

When browsing our website through the browser, we may create a text file on your device (computer, smartphone, tablet), subject to your choice.

This text file is a cookie. It will allow Secura Vanitas during the validity or registration period to identify the device during subsequent visits.

Only those who issued the cookie have the ability to read or modify the information contained in it.

Below you will find information on cookies that could be inserted on your device when you visit the pages of the website, or by Secura Vanitas or by third parties, and the means that allow you to suppress / reject the creation of these cookies on the device.

What are the cookies issued by

There are many categories of cookies, some are issued directly by Secura Vanitas and its service providers, others may be issued by third-party companies.

I. Cookies issued by Secura Vanitas and its service providers

When browsing our website, different types of cookies can be left on the device:

(i) «Essential» cookies

These cookies are essential for browsing our site, specifically for the correct processing of the order.

Their suppression may lead to difficulties in navigating our site, in addition to the impossibility of placing an order.

These cookies are also necessary for monitoring the activity of Secura Vanitas.

These cookies can be installed on your device by Secura Vanitas or its service providers.

(ii) "Analytical and Personalization" cookies

These cookies are not essential to navigation on our site but may, for example, allow the user to facilitate searches and optimize the shopping experience, and to better identify the user's expectations, improve our offer or even to optimize the operation of our site.

(iii) "Advertising" cookies

Cookies can also be used for advertising purposes. These cookies allow you to make sure that the advertisements you see are increasingly relevant to your profile.

What is the advantage for the user to view promotional offers and advertisements targeted to his profile?

The goal is to present the most relevant offers and advertising as possible. To this end, cookie technology allows you to view in real time the content best suited to your interests based on information obtained from recent browsing on our site.

The user's interest, when visiting a site, in displaying content on his device that corresponds to his profile, lies in the fact that the site's advertising messages allow him to take full advantage of the services, often provided free of charge. It is undoubtedly preferable to display offers and advertisements that arouse interest rather than content without interest. Conversely, Secura Vanitas as well as advertisers, prefer to see their offers and their advertisements spread on the screens of users most interested in them.

Attention if you share the device with other people:

If the device is used by more than one person and when the same device uses more than one navigation browser, we cannot be completely certain that the services and advertisements intended for the user of the device correspond exactly to that specific user of the device or to the other.

If necessary, the sharing of the device with other people and the configuration of the browser parameters for cookies depend on the free choice of the user and his responsibility.

II. Cookies issued by third-party companies

The issue and use of cookies by third parties on our site are subject to the privacy protection policies of these third parties.

These cookies are not essential for browsing our site.

It is possible that on our site there are computer applications from third parties that allow you to share content on our site with other people or to let these other people know about the consultation or user opinion about a content on our site. This is in fact the purpose of buttons such as "Share", "Like", derived from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

The social network that provides such a button can identify the user thanks to this button, even if the user has not used this button during his consultation of our site.

In fact, this type of button can allow the social network in question to follow the user's navigation on our site, simply because the social network account is active on the terminal in use (ie the session is open) while browsing on the our site.

For our part, we have no ability to control the process used by social networks to collect information relating to the user's browsing on our site and associate them with the personal data in their possession.

We therefore invite the user to consult the privacy protection policy of these social networks to become aware of the purposes of use, advertising in particular, of the navigation information that they can collect through these buttons. The various protection policies must specifically allow us to exercise our choice in these social networks, using specific parameters in the accounts used in each of these networks.

The privacy policy of the aforementioned social networks can be found on the websites of the networks in question.

III. Management of cookies left on the device in use

The registration of a cookie in a device is subject to user acceptance.

Using the cookie consent management tool, a tool available on our website, or through the user's browsing browser settings, it is possible at any time, simply and for free, to choose to accept or not the use of these cookies on the device.

(I) The choices offered thanks to the cookie consent management tool

The cookie consent management tool is a tool that allows you to choose the cookies that will be used on the website, with the exception of essential cookies, strictly necessary for browsing and to place orders on the website and for piloting of Secura Vanitas activity.

If you do not want Secura Vanitas to use all or part of the Cookies, you can let us know through the cookie consent management tool accessible from the cookie information banner that is displayed during the first navigation on our site.

(ii) The choices allowed by browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).

The user can configure the navigation browser according to his will, so that cookies are (a) accepted and used on the device or, on the contrary, (b) to be rejected.

  • Accept cookies

If the user's navigation browser is set up to accept the use of cookies in the device, the cookies integrated in the pages and the contents consulted will be systematically recorded in the device.

  • Deny consent for cookies

You can set the navigation browser so that:

  • acceptance or denial of consent to the use of cookies is proposed each time, before a cookie can be used;
  • systematically refuses the use of cookies in the device.

Attention: Whichever setting is chosen for the navigation browser relative to the acceptance or denial of the use of cookies, this choice can modify the user's navigation on the Internet and the conditions of access to some services that require use. of cookies.
For example, by rejecting some essential cookies, you may not be able to place orders on our site.

If the user chooses to deny consent to the use of cookies on his device or if he cancels those that are registered, we decline any responsibility for the consequences related to the incorrect functioning of our services due to the impossibility for us to use or consult the cookies necessary for their operation that have been refused or canceled by the user

How to make the choice, based on the browser used?

The configuration of each browser is different. It is generally described in the help menu of the navigation browser. We invite the user to take notice. It will be possible to understand how to change your cookie preferences.

  • For Internet Explorer ™:
  • For Safari:
  • For Chrome:
  • PerFirefox:
  • For Opera ™: